Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Just a waiting game....

Still here. Still very pregnant ;-) It has been a trying week or so but we're still doing pretty good. I have found that I can now only sleep comfortably on the sofa so Josh, being the awesome husband that he is, pushed the sofa and love seat together so he could still sleep with me. Last night was the first time we tried it and I slept straight through the night! It's amazing how much better a full night's sleep makes me feel.

My rash was better or at least it went from "rip all my skin off" itchy to "regular" itchy for a few weeks but is now starting it's vicious cycle all over again. My legs are almost cleared up now but it has begun its reign of terror on my belly just like it did when I first got it at 30 weeks. At least this time around I know what works best to keep it as comfortable as possible.

I have non-stress tests and check-ups every Tuesday now. Baby B slept through the first one 2 weeks ago but since then they have been passing each test with flying colors. It's nice to lay there at the doctor's office and listen to each of their heart beats beating away so beautifully. I'm always in awe of what God created inside of me. I can't wait to meet these little guys!

So now we are in a waiting game. I could go into labor any moment and they'd probably do great. The doctor said he'd be happy with 35-36 weeks and if we get to 37 weeks they'll induce me. I have an ultra sound next Thursday (August 28th) which will put me right at 36 weeks so if I don't go into labor before then I'm sure we'll schedule an induction for the first week of September!!! I'm so excited and so ready but I'm trying to be patient and wait on God's and the boy's timing. I want to meet them but I want them fully ready to meet me!

Counting down the days....
34w3d! :-)

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