Thursday, September 11, 2008

Introducing Jackson and Eli!

They were born via emergency c-section on Tuesday, September 2nd, 2008 at 7:09 and 7:10 p.m.! I will post my birth story soon. Gotta go for now!

1 week and 2 days old! :-)

Friday, August 29, 2008

T - 3 Days!!

Well a lot has happened since I last posted including 3 bouts of false labor and 2 trips to the hospital. This past Monday I had contractions every 2-4 minutes for almost 10 hours but I had zero progress so home I went.

Thankfully, the contractions stopped and yesterday I had an u/s. The boys are measuring at about 37 weeks at 5 pounds 10 ounces and 5 pounds 15 ounces! They look perfect. The kicker of the whole appointment was that apparently 3 weeks ago my high-risk doctor wrote in my chart that I should be induced at 36 weeks if the PUPPS was still bad. Well 36 weeks is today exactly and I was in the hospital TWICE this week and NO ONE mentioned that note in my chart! The Dr. Boley was like, "Well, if someone would have just read your chart you'd be scheduled for induction tomorrow!" This was slightly infuriating to find out however, it does mean that the end is in sight. Dr. Boley personally called my doctor and they called me back and said that I should come in on Monday at 4:00 p.m. for induction if I don't go into labor on my own before then!

Monday is the day and I'm so excited/nervous/overwhelmed etc. We can't wait. My next post may include pictures of 2 handsome little boys!!

36 weeks!!!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Just a waiting game....

Still here. Still very pregnant ;-) It has been a trying week or so but we're still doing pretty good. I have found that I can now only sleep comfortably on the sofa so Josh, being the awesome husband that he is, pushed the sofa and love seat together so he could still sleep with me. Last night was the first time we tried it and I slept straight through the night! It's amazing how much better a full night's sleep makes me feel.

My rash was better or at least it went from "rip all my skin off" itchy to "regular" itchy for a few weeks but is now starting it's vicious cycle all over again. My legs are almost cleared up now but it has begun its reign of terror on my belly just like it did when I first got it at 30 weeks. At least this time around I know what works best to keep it as comfortable as possible.

I have non-stress tests and check-ups every Tuesday now. Baby B slept through the first one 2 weeks ago but since then they have been passing each test with flying colors. It's nice to lay there at the doctor's office and listen to each of their heart beats beating away so beautifully. I'm always in awe of what God created inside of me. I can't wait to meet these little guys!

So now we are in a waiting game. I could go into labor any moment and they'd probably do great. The doctor said he'd be happy with 35-36 weeks and if we get to 37 weeks they'll induce me. I have an ultra sound next Thursday (August 28th) which will put me right at 36 weeks so if I don't go into labor before then I'm sure we'll schedule an induction for the first week of September!!! I'm so excited and so ready but I'm trying to be patient and wait on God's and the boy's timing. I want to meet them but I want them fully ready to meet me!

Counting down the days....
34w3d! :-)

Monday, August 11, 2008

33 week belly pic

It's been a while so here is an updated belly shot. I think we're doing pretty good what about you?

In other news, my rash is actually improving a little bit. My belly has cleared up some and my legs and arms are still just a bit itchy but nothing I can't handle. I'm feeling a Labor Day weekend or soon after delivery date friends ;-) !!!!!


Friday, August 8, 2008

A happy post today :-)

Apparently, I grow large babies. At my ultra sound yesterday I was 32 weeks 4 days and....

Baby A weighed in at 4 pounds 15 ounces and Baby B weighed in at 4 pounds 10 ounces! They each gained OVER a pound in 3 weeks. The doctor said between the babies, fluid and the placenta, I'm carrying about 12 pounds worth in my belly. Holy moly!

The good news about big, healthy babies is that my doctor said that he'd like me to make it to 37 weeks but he'd be just as happy if they came at 35 or 36 weeks too. He also said that I very well may go into labor between now and then because of how much weight my little body is carrying. That means I may be a momma in 2-3 weeks!! Holy moly once again! I'm a little nervous but so very excited to meet these guys. Wooohooo!

In other news, I'm managing the PUPPS ok. Tylenol PM is helping me sleep better which is most important. I actually slept all night long last night for the first time in a very long time. It was wonderful. Also, I know I'm way behind on my belly pics. I will be sure to post a new one next week. Don't let me forget!


Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Warning: It has not been a very good week. Read with caution.

So this nasty little rash started on my belly. And stayed there. For a good 2 weeks! Until this past weekend when it decided to go caaarazy and spread ALL OVER MY ENTIRE BODY. It is down my legs, all over my feet, up my arms and on my fingers, on my butt and spreading to my back. It's literally everywhere and getting steadily more itchy. I almost broke down at the doctor's yesterday but then she assured me that if we made it to 35-36 weeks and this rash was taking over my whole body, they might think of inducing me a little early. It's also looking like Baby B might not have a ton of room in there which would be another reason to allow these guys to come in just a few short weeks!

I had my first non-stress test yesterday and Baby B didn't do very well. His heart rate stayed pretty much the same for the entire hour+ I was hooked up to the monitors. During that amount of time it should have some accelerations and decelerations and it didn't. They aren't worried about it but it's why they think he might not have as much room to move around as Baby A does. Baby A passed the test with flying colors and I can feel him moving from my hip bones up to my ribs. He's taking up almost all the space in there! I have an u/s on Thursday and non-stress tests and check-ups every Tuesday from now on.

Pray for me. This rash is literally driving me mental and there are a few other things going on as well right now. I need strength, patience and.......reassurance. I need reassurance. Thanks.


Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Some good news, some not so good news....

First the good news. All of my samples and tests came back negative so for now, they think it was just a hemorrhoid that bled out. Weird and gross but at least I don't have to go see a gastro. doc. I really didn't want to have to do that! I haven't had any other problems so I'm hoping the bleeding will be limited to that one time, lovely grocery store experience ;-)

And now the not so good news....

About a week ago my tummy started itching. It's completely normal for my tummy to itch, especially when the boys go through a growth spurt and my skin stretches some more, but it usually calms down after a day or two. This time it didn't. It got worse but I still assumed it was just the stretching. A friend even asked me, "Are you sure your doctors are ok with your skin looking like that?" I just assumed she was appalled by my lovely stretch marks! Finally this past Sunday I asked Josh to take a look. At this point I can only see the top of my belly so anything belly button and below is a mystery to me. Josh took a look and said, "I think you better look at this." He got me a mirror and much to my surprise I was growing a lovely rash that had probably been there for almost a week but I had no idea.

The two days after that were not very fun, especially at night. It itches so badly and if I give in and itch it, it burrrrrnsssss. I went to the doctor and they confirmed my worst fear: It's PUPPP or Pruritic urticarial papules and plaques of pregnancy. The reason this was my worst fear is because PUPPP has only one cure and that is birth. I am stuck with this nasty, painful, itchy rash until my wonderful little boys are born. Boo to that.

It really isn't so bad....until I try to sleep at night. The itching is unbearable at night, let alone relaxing my body enough to fall asleep. It has been a battle the last 3 nights and I'm sure it's just begun. PUPPP supposedly spreads to your chest and legs so the fun has just begun!

I'm trying to stay positive and think of all my blessings. I'm so grateful that so far, this is the biggest complication I've had in my very high-risk pregnancy. That in and of itself is truly a miracle to me. If this is all I have to deal with and in the end I come home with 2 healthy, beautiful babies, I will be one lucky, blessed individual.

Jesus thank you for this blessing and please give me strength to get through these next weeks. Oh, and if you could give me some will power over the itching that would be nice too! ;-)