Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Warning: It has not been a very good week. Read with caution.

So this nasty little rash started on my belly. And stayed there. For a good 2 weeks! Until this past weekend when it decided to go caaarazy and spread ALL OVER MY ENTIRE BODY. It is down my legs, all over my feet, up my arms and on my fingers, on my butt and spreading to my back. It's literally everywhere and getting steadily more itchy. I almost broke down at the doctor's yesterday but then she assured me that if we made it to 35-36 weeks and this rash was taking over my whole body, they might think of inducing me a little early. It's also looking like Baby B might not have a ton of room in there which would be another reason to allow these guys to come in just a few short weeks!

I had my first non-stress test yesterday and Baby B didn't do very well. His heart rate stayed pretty much the same for the entire hour+ I was hooked up to the monitors. During that amount of time it should have some accelerations and decelerations and it didn't. They aren't worried about it but it's why they think he might not have as much room to move around as Baby A does. Baby A passed the test with flying colors and I can feel him moving from my hip bones up to my ribs. He's taking up almost all the space in there! I have an u/s on Thursday and non-stress tests and check-ups every Tuesday from now on.

Pray for me. This rash is literally driving me mental and there are a few other things going on as well right now. I need strength, patience and.......reassurance. I need reassurance. Thanks.


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Oh I'm so sorry--you poor thing!!! I'm sure you've had tons of suggestions, but sometimes when DH's eczema flares up, we have success with cool oatmeal baths--you can buy the mixes at any drug store. I hope it goes away for you soon.